Who We Are?

A family owned business

Veritas Construction & Consulting was started after the owner Ammon Olsen had experienced the big box construction business and wanted to create a business that was more personal.

Ammon wanted to run a family owned business that could take care of construction needs in a personal way. You are not just a number with Veritas Construction & Consulting, you are part of the family.


Building has been a part of the owners life since he was young. One of Ammon’s first memories is hammering a nail into a block of wood. Ammon’s father was a contractor that built homes in Alaska, Nevada and Utah. Growing up Ammon was employed by his father on concrete slabs, driveways, home remodels and new home builds. 

After college Ammon worked as a independent contractor building homes and eventually started working for a large company managing the window and door installations. After many years of managing a multimillion dollar business Ammon decided it was time to start a company of his own that would encompass his core values.

Our Core Values

The truth is very important to our business, which is why we chose the name Veritas which is Latin for “the truth is”

  • We will be honest
  • We will be fair
  • We will build with integrity